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Defibrillator Registration and Public Access Act, 2020

Bill 141 outlines the new requirements relating to installation, maintenance, availability and testing of AEDs for owners of designated public areas.

What Bill 141 means for owners of designated public areas

Unfortunately, each year approximately 7,000 Ontarians will experience cardiac arrest. Up to 85% of those cardiac arrests occur in a public location or within their homes. A family member, friend or a colleague is usually there to witness the cardiac arrest. The startling statistic is 9 out of 10 people that have a cardiac arrest will not survive if they are not within a hospital. A defibrillator can greatly improve cardiac arrest survival rates by more than 70% when done along with CPR. Making sure AED units are rescue ready and available to members of the public, can help to have a successful outcome for a cardiac arrest.

Over the past 20 years public locations have taken the step to have an AED at their location. Bill 141 will also make sure that all buildings will have the correct number of defibrillators and signage so they can be accessed when needed.

Bill 141 Includes:

  • AED units are required in public premises
  • AED units are required to be visible when installed in these locations
  • AED units are required to have appropriate signage
  • AED units are required to be maintained and tested by someone to ensure they are rescue ready in case of emergency
  • AED units are required to be tested or to be able to provide records that self-tests have been done on the unit
  • AED units are required to be registered with 9-1-1
  • AED training is required by all locations who will have an AED on site.

How can The AED Shophelp comply with Bill 141?


The AED Shop has taken pride in being the #1 Canadian distributor of AEDs and AED supplies across Canada. With staff members that have over 30 years of Cardiac Arrest experience, we know firsthand how to help assist in purchasing and helping to deploy an AED unit(s) by asking specific questions that will help get an AED and help you create a response plan to ensure your organization meets all requirements of Bill 141 in Ontario.


The AED Shop has the largest selection of AED units, signage and Accessories. We are the only all Canadian company that can provide all of Health Canada’s 7 approved brands of AED units.


The AED Shop has several options for signage and cabinets to be able to easily identify where an AED is located within a public location. With Bi-lingual signage your company can rest easy knowing your staff, visitors, and general public can easily identify where the unit is located in the case of a cardiac arrest rescue.

Free AED Management Software

The AED Shop provides a free online tracking service with the purchase of every AED sold. TrackMyAED is an easy-to-use online service that will provide your company with monthly checklists that helps you comply with Bill 141. Along with monthly checklists to ensure your AEDs are rescue ready, it will help to let a designated staff member know when the supplies are coming close to expiry and easily guide them to The AED Shop to purchase the accessories needed to maintain a rescue ready unit. We can also track the training credentials of all staff and send reminders when recertification is required. Learn More

Rotaid 24/7 Exclusive

Exclusive to The AED Shop in Canada Rotaid 24/7 assists you in the registration, operation and maintenance of your system. It will automatically alert you when you need to take action. ROTAID 24/7 enhances your AED with effective on-line and off-line connectivity that reduces response times and maximizes your chances of saving the life of a loved one, friend colleague or neighbour.

  • Always findable
  • Always alert
  • Always safe and secure
  • Always monitored


The AED Shop staff is knowledgeable in not only AED units but also in training, CPR training manikins, first aid supplies, and other supplies that will help to get your business up to code with Bill 141. The AED Shop offers many varieties of manikins that can be used to help staff get trained. By working closely with Red Cross and Heart and Stroke as training partners, our staff knows the guidelines that need to be followed.

911 Registration

The AED Shop can help you with registering your AED with your local 911 dispatch center to help ensure when an AED is needed, once can be found to save a life.


The AED Shop works with many training partners across Ontario that both teach Red Cross and current Heart and Stroke Programs. As a certified Red Cross and Heart & Stroke training partner, The AED Shop offers both on-site and classroom training for all popular first aid training courses.

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