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Introducing the PRESTAN Diversity Instructor Kit:

Introducing the PRESTAN Diversity Instructor Kit:

We are thrilled to announce that the highly anticipated PRESTAN Diversity Instructor Kit is now available! This comprehensive training package is designed to provide CPR instructors with everything they need to deliver top-notch, inclusive training sessions. Starting today, orders can be placed and sales can begin. We have high expectations for this new product, and were confident it will exceed the demands of CPR training professionals.

Whats Inside the Kit?

Heres a detailed look at whats included in the PRESTAN Diversity Instructor Kit:

2) Professional Adult Manikin w/ CPR feedback (1 Medium Skin & 1 Dark Skin): These manikins provide realistic feedback, enhancing the quality of training sessions by offering immediate performance insights.

(2) Professional Infant Manikin w/ CPR feedback (1 Medium Skin & 1 Dark Skin): Infant manikins are crucial for pediatric CPR training, and the diversity in skin tones ensures representation and realism.

2) AED UltraTrainer® (English/French): These AED trainers offer bilingual training options, making it accessible to a wider audience.

(2) Female Accessory (1 Medium Skin & 1 Dark Skin): These accessories provide an essential aspect of diversity and realism in CPR training.

2) Adult CPR Manikin Training Shirt: Shirts for the adult manikins to simulate real-life scenarios.

(2) Infant CPR Manikin Training Shirt: Shirts for the infant manikins to complete the training setup.

(50) Adult Face-Shield/Lung-Bag: Disposable face shields and lung bags ensure hygiene and safety during training.

(50) Infant Face-Shield/Lung-Bag: Infant-sized disposable face shields and lung bags for clean and safe practice.

(2) Adult Bag Valve Mask: Essential for effective ventilation during adult CPR training.

(2) Infant Bag Valve Mask: Necessary for proper ventilation in infant CPR training.

(4) PRESTAN Kneeling Pad: Comfort pads for trainees to use during kneeling CPR practice sessions.

(1) Carry Bag w/ Roller Wheels & Telescopic Handle: A convenient and sturdy carry bag to easily transport the entire kit.

Why Choose the PRESTAN Diversity Instructor Kit?

This kit provides everything an instructor needs to conduct professional and inclusive CPR training sessions. With both adult and infant manikins in medium and dark skin tones, trainers can ensure their students are prepared for real-life situations involving diverse individuals 

Enhanced Realism

The manikins come equipped with CPR feedback, offering real-time insights and adjustments that are crucial for effective learning. The addition of training shirts and female accessories further enhances the realism of the scenarios.

The included carry bag with roller wheels and a telescopic handle makes it easy to transport the kit to various training locations. Whether youre conducting sessions in a classroom, workplace, or community center, you can bring your complete setup with you effortlessly.

By including manikins with different skin tones and bilingual AED trainers, the PRESTAN Diversity Instructor Kit promotes inclusivity and accessibility in CPR training. This approach helps students feel more comfortable and better prepared to perform CPR on individuals from all walks of life.

Dont miss out on the opportunity to enhance your CPR training sessions with the most comprehensive and inclusive kit on the market. Place your order for the PRESTAN Diversity Instructor Kit today and take the first step towards delivering exceptional CPR training that meets the highest standards of quality and realism.

Thank you for your dedication to life-saving training, and we look forward to helping you equip your trainees with the skills they need to make a difference.


PRESTAN is committed to providing high-quality, innovative training products that meet the needs of CPR instructors and their students. Our products are designed to deliver realistic, effective training experiences that prepare individuals to respond confidently in emergency situations.

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