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Prestan Professional Adult Training Manikin With Jaw Thrust Head
Product Code: PP-JTM-100M-MS

The PRESTAN Professional Jaw Thrust Head gives instructors the option to teach with the jaw thrust maneuver or head-tilt/chin-lift allowing the student to grasp the manikin's lower jaw and lift with both hands displacing the jaw of the manikin forward and upward. The jaw thrust maneuver is the safest approach to opening the airway of a victim who has a possible head, neck or spinal injury because it can be accomplished by minimizing neck movement.

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Key Features and Benefits

Prestan Professional Adult CPR-AED Training Manikin With Jaw Thrust Head features:

  • Unique clamshell design
  • Visible chest rise when ventilated
  • Head tilt/chin lift
  • Movable jaw
  • A one-piece, disposable face shield lung bag
  • Audible compression clicker
  • Anatomical features, including xiphoid process
  • Realistic skin-like finish
  • Latex-free

Prestan Professional Adult CPR-AED Training Manikin With Jaw Thrust Head benefits:

  • Clamshell torso opens easily for simple insertion of face shield lung bags, which attach to the manikin to prevent slipping
  • Built-in clicker mechanism sounds when the student has used sufficient force to compress the chest to the recommended depth
  • Head tilt/chin lift teaches students to correctly open the airway
  • Movable jaw allows realistic practice of jaw thrust technique
  • Molded, pliable skin that is realistic to the eye and touch; resists dirt, grime, and grease; is durable and easy to clean; and allows AED pads to adhere to the manikin without leaving adhesive residue behind
  • Realistic head features, including a pinchable nose and a prominent jawline for simulation of jaw thrust technique
  • Realistic torso with prominent collarbones, an accurate nipple line, obvious xiphoid process, rib-cage lines, breastbone structure, an upper chest sized for the easy application of AED pads, and navel placement that allows for realistic teaching of abdominal thrusts

Comes with:

  • Manikin with jaw thrust head
  • 10 adult face shield lung bags
  • Nylon carrying case
  • Instruction manual
  • 3-year manufacturer's warranty

Dimensions and Specifications

Weight: 7 lb

Measures 14" w x 7" h x 23" l

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can you perform the Heimlich maneuver on Prestan manikins?
A: Yes. These manikins are designed with a slightly longer torso and a visible navel that work well for the Heimlich maneuver, and the head is attached in such a way that it doesn't jerk back and forth during the maneuver.

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