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PRESTAN Female Accessory, 4-Pack
Product Code: PP-FA-4

The 4-pack female accessory is designed to :

  • improve cardiac arrest survival rates in women
  • encourage dialogue and breakdown barriers.
  • Eliminate gender bias in CPR administration.

  • Securely fits both the PRESTAN Professional Adult/Series 2000 and Ultralite Manikins 4-packs available in Medium & Dark skin tones; packaged in resealable poly bag

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    PRESTAN is committed to building confidence in CPR/AED training instructors and their students with the new PRESTAN Female Accessory designed to:

    *Build Confidence in CPR Training

    *Improve CPR Survival Rates in Women

    *Encourage Dialogue & Breakdown Barriers

    *Eliminate Gender Bias in CPR Administration

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