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Trade in Program

You could receive up to $300 off the purchase of a brand-new AED unit!

Trade in your ZOLL AED Plus, Philips AEDs (Onsite, FRX), Physio Control CR Plus, LP1000 AEDs, or Cardiac Science AEDs for a brand-new AED Unit.

What do I need to do?

1.Contact us and ask for a quote for a new unit with a trade-in rebate applied
  • Provide AED4Life with your contact information
  • Provide information about the AED you want to trade in including serial number, model, dates, and current location, and tell us which unit you are looking to purchase
  • A customer service member will send you a quote to your email for you to look over and confirm
2.Approve the quote via email to proceed with your order
3.When your brand-new AED arrives
  • Set up your new AED as instructed in the manual for your AED (Plug in pads, insert batteries etc.)
  • Replace your older AED with the brand-new AED
  • Take the older AED, with everything that came with it (pads, carry case, manuals, etc.) and place it into a box to ship back to AED4Life with the prepaid return label provided

What condition does my older AED need to be in?

To qualify for a trade-in rebate, the older unit must be in working condition, be able to power up, be currently maintained, must come with original carry case, and must not be on a recall list.

What are the benefits of trading in my older unit?

Chance To Upgrade

The technology in AED units is constantly changing and improving in the marketplace. Trading in your older unit allows for you to upgrade to a newer unit, while applying a credit from your older unit that would otherwise be thrown into trash/recycling.

Cost Saving

Trading in your older unit and receiving a rebate provides a cost savings on a new unit that you may have otherwise been purchasing at the end of life without a rebate applied.


You will receive a brand-new unit with full warranty. Your older unit may now be out of warranty, with a brand-new unit, you know you are covered in the event of a recall, malfunction, or any problems that may arise that would be covered by the manufacturer warranty.

How do I get started?

Contact AED4Life today to get started and find out if you qualify for a trade-in rebate for your older AED units.
Call 1-877-233-8288 Option 1 for customer service, or fill out the form below, and a member of our customer service team will contact you.

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