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Online Safety Training Courses

Looking for online WHMIS training, Forklift training or other safety training? Browse our most popular online courses below or view our full online course catalogue.

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fallen man with hardhat

Accident & Incident Investigation

This course is designed to help individuals who will be investigating accidents/incidents understand the purpose and process of accident/incident investigation. It ensures they understand how to recognize and distinguish between immediate (or direct) causes of accidents/incidents and the underlying (or root) causes, and how to develop recommendations for corrective actions to prevent them from recurring.

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hardhat labourer wearing back support belt

Back Safety

This online Back Safety course covers safe lifting practices as well as important information that all individuals should know about the most common back injuries. Using the innovative Whole Life/Health Cycle safety training approach, this Back Safety course explores habits that can keep employees safe, healthy and productive.

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Man cutting down tree with chainsaw

Chain Saw

This program is designed to cover the basics of safe, effective chainsaw use.

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Tall metal gas canisters secured in wired cage

Compressed Gas Cylinders

Compressed gas cylinders can be dangerous, and employees who work with them need to know how to handle them properly. This course provides the information employees need to handle and transport these potentially volatile storage containers.

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Danger Sign warning of confined space

Confined Space Entry

This online Confined Space Entry course provides important information to individuals required to work within a confined space.

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Man working in heights on electrical tower

Fall Prevetion

This online Fall Protection course is designed to provide you with the knowledge to help minimize fall hazards and protect yourself and others from serious injury. Alberta legislation was used extensively in the development of this course as Alberta has some of the most rigorous legislative standards in Canada. CSA, ANSI, CEN, and industry standards were also used. Although this course provides employers with a means of fulfilling their OH&S requirements, the course focuses on the safety of individuals working in the field.

Office Safety Construction and General Industry

Driver view of man driving forklift

Forklifts: Advanced Hazard Awareness

This Forklifts: Advanced Hazard Awareness course is the third in a series of three courses (basic, intermediate, and advanced). Trainees are presented scenarios in which they must quickly recognize hazards and make the best choice to eliminate them. The scenarios are designed to best represent situations that cause forklift operators the most trouble. They help operators understand the concept of hazard perception as well as sharpen their own hazard perception skills.

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Hydraulic arm of excavator

Hydraulic Safety in Construction

This online Hydraulic Safety in Construction course contains over 800 visual learning aids including numerous videos, animations, procedures, and reference documents. The goal of this course is to provide important knowledge that will assist in reducing risk and eliminating hazards for workers, equipment, companies, and the environment. This course in combination with a full hydraulic safety program will greatly reduce risk.

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Man in hazmat suit wearing full gas mask

Respiratory Protection: PPE Workplace Safety

This online course helps learners recognize and respond to respiratory hazards, including atmospheres immediately dangerous to life or health (IDLH). This course covers the key elements required by OSHA for respiratory protection training.

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White trasnport truck with Dangerous Good sign

Transportation of Dangerous Goods

This online Transportation of Dangerous Goods (TDG) course covers crucial information pertaining to the legal transportation of dangerous goods on Canadian roads. After completing this course, participants should know the regulations governing the transportation of dangerous goods in Canada; the 9 classifications of dangerous goods; the placards, labels, and accompanying TDG symbols required on vehicles and containers; documentation requirements when transporting dangerous goods; and requirements surrounding appropriate emergency response in the event of an accidental product release or spill.

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Plastic industrical drum with flammable label


WHMIS stands for Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System. It is a Canada-wide system that provides employers and workers with information on the hazardous products that are stored and used on work sites. This online WHMIS course covers the key elements of WHMIS, including WHMIS symbols and labels, material safety data sheets, and worker training.

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