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Recharging and fuelling: a heart-safe experience

Recharging and fuelling: a heart-safe experience

Shell is committed to making their gas stations heart-safe.

Many travelers will soon benefit from a heart-safe environment during their stop for fuel or coffee break at one of Shell’s gas stations in the BeNeLux. With the increase of popularity of electric cars and therefore increase of charging stations, people are spending more time on gas station premises. This increases chances of sudden cardiac arrest happening at these gas stations. Together with Shell and QRS Healthcare, we have initiated a project to increase survival chances at Shell’s locations.

QRS has already rolled out the first of many installations, where Mindray AEDs will pair up with our Rotaid cabinet for safe outdoor storage. Our Rotaid cabinets will ensure recognisability and 24/7 accessibility of these life-saving AEDs at Shell locations.

All AEDs, that are going to be placed in the Netherlands, will be included in the national responder system HartslagNu. This way, the AEDs can be located by dispatchers from the alarm centre and be used by responders in case of cardiac arrest. More and more grey spots will disappear because of this project.

We are very proud to be part of this great initiative that will greatly contribute to the AED-density of the BeNeLux.

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