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Little Anne QCPR Creating Quality Lifesavers (Laerdal)

Little Anne QCPR Creating Quality Lifesavers (Laerdal)

Little Anne QCPR Creating Quality Lifesavers (Laerdal)

Make your CPR Training Best in Class.

Little Anne QCPR manikins are now available with a gaming element and Quality CPR (QCPR) feedback technology, to help instructors improve both CPR training quality, classroom efficiency and learner engagement. 

Real-time CPR feedback, Check how every learner is performing with feedback on depth, release, rate and ventilations.

Intelligent scoring and guidance. Give every learner tips on performance and improvements with intelligent scoring functionality. Motivate learners to go from “passed” to perfection. Performance scores and summaries are saved in the app.

QCPR race competition. Finish every training session with an informal and fun QCPR race. Increase engagement using the thrill of competition.

Rock solid connection. Connect every manikin to the instructor app with stable and reliable one-click Bluetooth Smart connection. Built-in tutorials and how-to videos.

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