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RescueStation Cabinets

RescueStation Cabinets

Create your own Rescue Station with RescueStation™️ cabinets.
RescueStation™️ AED Cabinets, 3D and Flat signs increase the visibility of your AED as well as any other contents of the Rescue Station. The flat sign provides step by step reminders for the chain of survival in the event of a Cardiac Arrest. 

Our full range of Rescue Station cabinets include indoor and outdoor options for your defibrillator for use 24/7 in the event of a Cardiac Arrest. Our solid construction and high-quality appearance ensure that your Rescue Station and defibrillator (AED) stand out and can be securely placed in practically all environments and situations. 

ROTAID 24/7 Rescue Station AED CABINETS
ALWAYS MONITORED 24/7 via its own mobile connection, making it easy to find. Thanks to the unique design and illumination the AED is easily spotted. Both during the day and during the night.

Whenever the Rotaid 24/7 Rescue Station cabinet is opened, it automatically alerts and mobilizes your response team, minimizing their time to arrival. Law enforcement, Fire Services and Paramedics can be similarly alerted.

Your Rotaid 24/7 Rescue Station Cabinet is designed and build for both indoors and outdoors environments. An on-board alarm system, built-in heating system and rock-solid construction ensure the best possible protection for your AED investment: not only now, but for many future years.

Your life-saving system is monitored 24 hours a day. Any use is immediately detected. Your AED’s operational status is continuously checked and ensured. Any maintenance needs are automatically transmitted to those who need to know. No more physical visits to check your AED’s status are necessary. We truly monitor 24/7.

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