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  • Laerdal Pedi-Pad Backboard Pad (Case of 6)
  • Laerdal Pedi-Pad Backboard Pad (Case of 6)
  • Laerdal Pedi-Pad Backboard Pad (Case of 6)

Laerdal Pedi-Pad Backboard Pad (Case of 6)

Brand: Laerdal
Product Code: 701-00001

It's the foam, anti-skid pad that provides proper alignment on any spineboard! Pedi-Pad works for kids!



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I had the pleasure of being supported on the phone by Nicole and Jacqueline today. Both were very attentive and understanding of my questions. They were full of knowledge and were able to make recommendations and suggestions to our office needs. By far one of the most excellent customer services out there! Koodos!

Jason Pinto
AIDS Vancouver

Spinal alignment for pediatric patients Laerdal pedi-pad backboard pad

Due to the fact that children’s heads are larger, in comparison to the rest of their body, pediatric patients require extra elevation of the shoulders for proper cervical spine alignment.

The Pedi-pad is a 4 cm thick foam pad that can be used with any type of backboard and will not slip due to anti- skid traction. The pad includes three insets for backboard straps to ensure that patient’s torso does not move.The disposable foam holds up well in adverse weather conditions and since it is disposable, removes all need for cleanup.

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