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Standard Hard Carrying Case - Yellow
Product Code: Yellow (DAC-112)

The hard AED carry case for Defibtech AED is a durable and protective enclosure designed to securely hold and transport the Defibtech AED unit. It features a sturdy outer shell made from materials like high-impact plastic providing resistance against physical impacts, moisture, dust, and other environmental factors. The interior of the case is custom-fit to snugly accommodate the Defibtech AED, ensuring that it stays in place during transportation.

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This case is made of tough high-impact ABS plastic. The foam insert is resistant to body fluids, and is specifically designed for the Lifeline AED/Lifeline AUTO. Ideal police cars, fire and EMS vehicles, marine use, or anywhere your Lifeline AED/Lifeline AUTO needs extra protection in harsh environments. Dimensions: 15" x 12.5" x 7".

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