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  • CPR Prompt, Training Kit, w/5 Adult/Child Manikins

CPR Prompt, Training Kit, w/5 Adult/Child Manikins

Brand: CPR Prompt
Product Code: SNLF06100

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Product Description

  • Professional training manikin designed to teach CPR and lifesaving skills
  • Cost-effective, lightweight and portable
  • Features include:
    - visible chest rise when proper head-tilt/chin-lift manoeuver is performed
    - realistic landmarks (rib cage, chest notch, navel and carotid arteries)
    - audible clicks indicating correct hand positioning and compression depth
    - easy-to-change lung bags
    - resilient Duracoat finish for easy cleaning
    - patented hygienic system
    - unique compression piston to convert adult manikin to child manikin
  • No internal cleaning necessary
  • Designed to meet the American Heart Association criteria for desirable manikin features
  • Effective practice aid for the Heimlich Maneuver
  • Replacement lung bags or combination face shield and lung bags available
  • Special order item.  Call for shipping / availability.

Product Content

Qty Units Product Name
1 EA CPR Prompt Bag For 5 Adult Manikins
5 EA CPR Prompt, Training Manikin, Adult/Child, w/10 Face Shield/Lung Bags

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