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Leasing an AED

with BERRN Consulting Ltd.

Why Lease?


While protecting your staff/customers/ clients is important to you, we know that purchasing and owning an AED can be tough for some company budgets.

In addition to the initial purchase of an AED, there is also the additional costs of maintaining the AED to be in the Rescue ready state that can add up over the course of the AED life time. This is why BERRN Consulting Ltd. has created a cost effective, hassle free option to lease to own your AED.

Your AED can be financed over a 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5-year term with monthly payments. At the end of the term, you can purchase the equipment outright or you have the option to renew the lease and continue with the service.


Our AED leasing programs come with a number of benefits that ensure your AED is always ready for rescue.

All AED leasing programs come with the following:

  • Always Rescue Ready - Replacement of all accessories in the event of the AED being used in an emergency and at expiration. Supplies will be shipped automatically- no need to remember expiration dates.
  • Access to our AED management tracking program TrackMyAED to keep track of monthly inspections with an easy check list online
  • Option for remote monitoring of rescue ready condition. Our staff will monitor the AED monthly status checks over wifi to ensure the AED is in working order.
  • Optional training. Product demo courses can be arranged for your staff at installation of the AED and online resources are available to keep your staff refreshed and confident in the use of the AED.

After an event

  • In the event of the AED being used in an emergency situation, we provide the resources required to get your AED back to ready for rescue status promptly. To get your AED back to ready for rescue status, we will supply the following:
  • Replacement pads and batteries that will be shipped out the following business day
  • Download equipment to retrieve the event data off of the device for review by a physician with follow-up report and recommendations, if required.
  • Loaner AED Unit, if required.

Business Benefits of Leasing Your AED

  • Take advantage of possible tax deductions Leasing can provide you with a tax deductible operating expense. Contact your accountant regarding the deductions for your situation.
  • Own your equipment for small monthly payments Small monthly payments over your chosen payment term rather than the large upfront cost when purchasing an AED
  • Capital Preservation. Leasing lets your organization conserve its working capital, allowing it to allocate cash funds for other purposes. Cash tied up in fixed assets is no longer available to finance important profit generating projects. In addition, with a lease, Sales Tax and other Taxes are not paid up front at the time the asset is acquired; but rather are remitted with the monthly payments over the life of the lease
  • Accessories are included at expiration and use The cost of replacing accessories over time can add up. When leasing an AED, the accessory replacement is included at expiration or after use with no additional or unexpected costs. Your supplies will automatically be shipped to you when your current supplies expire- no need to remember expiry dates.
  • Build your business credit.

Premium and Value Packages available to suit every budget.

Value packages

  • Lower monthly cost.
  • Your onsite staff receive a monthly reminder to visually inspect the AED and report the rescue ready status on our tracking software TrackMyAED.
  • Pads and batteries are replaced as needed and after a rescue.

Premium Packages

  • AED rescue ready status is monitored by our staff remotely over wifi or cellular.
  • Pads and batteries are replaced as needed and after a rescue.


Lease program starts August 1, 2019. Give our customer service team a call and we will be pleased to provide you with options to fit your needs.

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