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  • Surface Mount AED Cabinet with Alarm - Compact (RED)
  • Surface Mount AED Cabinet with Alarm - Compact (RED)

Surface Mount AED Cabinet with Alarm - Compact (RED)

Product Code: MODCAB-RED-189-1

Best for Philips OnSite, FRx, Physio-control CR2 ,Heartsine AEDs and ZOLL 3

17.5 x 13 x 9  inches

List Price: $250.00 Sale: $179.99

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RED Surface Mount AED Cabinet with Alarm.(Best for Physio-control CR2 ,Philips OnSite, FRx,Heartsine AEDs and ZOLL 3)

  • The alarm has a very high decibel level (85-120). The decibel level will vary with the life of the battery. To insure safe operations, we recommend changing the alkaline 9V battery every six months.
  • Alarm has a low battery chirp to warn when battery is low. When chirp is heard change the battery as soon as possible.
  • Alarm has the option to be activated in four different settings:
    1. Alarm activated when door is opened, shuts off when door is closed.
    2. Alarm activated when door is opened, shut off with key only.
    3. Activates for 30 seconds, when door is opened.
    4. Activates for 3 minutes, when door is opened.
  • External alarm relay connection on outside of alarm case for easy connection to an external building security system is a standard “no extra cost” feature in every MMP alarm.
  • The connections are simple “plug & play” no tools required.
  • Very reliable mechanical door switch used to activate the unit when the door is opened. Switch is secured in the cabinet without the use of adhesives.

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