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About Us

BERRN Consulting

BERRN Consulting Ltd. is 100% Canadian owned and operates only in Canada. We are the most comprehensive  Health Canada Licenced distributor of AEDs and AED supplies in Canada, with both the AED4Life and The AEDShop divisions. We are uniquely positioned as the only company in Canada to be able to offer our customers their choice of all Health Canada approved brands of AEDs. This allows us to offer the most approprite AED for any situation. In addition to defibrillators and defibrillator accessories, AED4Life also provides supplies for first aid, workplace health and safety, manikins and simulators, and first aid and CPR training supplies.

BERRN Consulting is committed to:

  • deploying AEDs that  meet the highest standards within the industry and meet the needs of the client.
  • ensuring that companies and individuals that own AEDs are  properly informed to keep their AEDs in rescue ready condition  in the event of an incident. This includes proper signage, maintenance and communication.

Track MyAED is a custom software program available for customers of AED4Life to monitor the status of their AEDs. TrackMyAED will notify the indicated AED contact when the AED pads and batteries are reaching expiry, as well as an optional monthly reminder to check that your defibrillator is rescue ready.  

BERRN Consulting continues to grow with new additions of products, software, and product availability. BERRN Consulting makes the process of purchasing safety supplies and defibrillators hassle free with our online purchasing options and our expert customer service team  to assist customers by ensuring they have the AED and supplies best suited for their individual needs.

Please contact us and see how our team can help your facility, cottage, RV or home become rescue ready.

Russell King
BERRN Consulting Ltd.